IoT Platform for Human, Robotic and Machine security & safety during digital and Industry 4.0 transformation

Ora: 14.30 - 15.00
Location: spazio Gamma 5 (padd. 5/7 - balconata 2° piano)
(workshop tenuto in inglese)
a cura dell'espositore Smart Track srl

Today every 15 seconds, 151 workers experience some sort of serious injury at the workplace, accounting for more than 315 million accidents in factories, hospitals and other working environments every year, of which 321.000 fatal (source ILO, International Labour Organization).

Despite recent enhancements and enforcements of working safety  rules and regulations, achieving proper security for human workers operating in highly automated workplaces, optimising their co-existance with Robotic and Machine intelligence, remains one of the main concerns for a successful deployment of the industry 4.0 revolution in contemporary workfloors.

In this workshop Fabrizio Cardinali, one of Europe's leading consultants in HRRM (Human and Robotic Resouces Management & Co-existance) introduces™, an innovative italian platform using owners IoT (Internet of Things) beacons, wearable BANs (Body Area Networks) and intelligent algos to check out that workers are properly wearing safety devices, avoid men-machine collisions,  optimise escape routes and track smart pathways to detect and evacuate survivors during adverse natural events, industrial accidents and mass attacks. 

If increasing the safety of your Human Resources and securing their smart co-existance with machines and robots whilst introducing automation at the workplace, is your main question and concern,™ is the answer!